Current Projects

Moments of Weightlessness - Sarah Nicolls: Hear the beautiful melodies and textures of Sarah’s piano-songs mixed with stories of creativity, and contemplate the moments of life where everything seems to stand stillFuga Perpetua: Combining virtuosic music ensemble, a constantly moving sound installation, video projections and a ‘vocal crowd’, Yuval Avital’s Fuga Perpetua is a sensual, wordless opera ‘narrated’ by refugees.
20 Pianos: Matthew Herbert will be telling the stories of twenty unique pianos from around the world – from Steinways at famous locations, to forgotten out-of-tune family pianos.Dead Symphony: Sound is understood to be the last sense present moments before death. Artist Saskia Moore, UK is documenting and transcribing the actual music and sound experiences people heard when losing or regaining consciousness during a near death experience.
Kraftwerk Uncovered: Following their highly successful, 14 date Apollo tour, Icebreaker are turning their focus on another contemporary icon – Kraftwerk.Sound of Sports: The Coull Quartet will be presenting a fun and fascinating cross-border collaboration between composers Joe Cutler, Nick Fells and Andy Ingamells that will celebrate sport in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games next year with events in Glasgow, Derry, Manchester and Warwick.

All very recent and currently live projects produced by ThirdEar.